About Us

I have been playing pool for half a century.  I have played on many regional tours over the years including some national championship tournaments.  Early in 2000, I attended a 3 day pool school with Randy Goettlicher, owner and founder of Cue-Tech pool school in Dallas TX.  Attending that class, I found a program that provided me with the best training program to improve my personal game that I had ever encountered. Randy and I became good friends, and he encouraged me to become a BCA instructor, and bring the training program to students throughout the southeast.  I followed his advice, and became a professional instructor.  Since then, I have worked with hundreds of students of all skill levels, helping them to reach their own potential as pool players.

Our class offerings include basic fundamentals, advanced level and our expert class, as well as hourly instruction.  Classes are held in group settings, as well as one-on-one sessions.

One critical aspect of our training involves the use of video analysis.  Students will be filmed shooting various shots, and then sit down with an instructor to evaluate every part of the shooting process.  We will then develop an individualized game plan to address any areas of concern that appear on the video.

In 2008, Frank Reid, a professional flight instructor, and avid pool player, attended one of our classes, and later agreed to become a certified instructor and join our staff.  Frank is quickly becoming our "aiming system guru", and has been a valued addition to the staff.

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